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Christmas & Gift Rates & Booking Form 2023

Price list for all halls

Space Only
(build yourself or appoint a stand builder to build a stand and lay flooring)

£200 per m2
Shell Scheme
(includes Shell Walling for your stand, front fascia and illuminated stand name and number, includes carpet)

£242 per m2
Traditional Wood Shell Scheme
(wooden walling painted white for your stand, front fascia, illuminated stand name and number, includes carpet)

£262 per m2
Electrics asnd other stand extras will be available fromt he 1st September when the on-line manual opens up with all the contractor details.

Deposit payment's of 25% will be invoiced payable 30 days after invoice has been raised.

Please note only PAYMENT of your 25% deposit invoice will guarantee the site that you have booked and you will risk losing your chosen position if payment has not been made by the due date.

A company that pulls out of the exhibition after October 1st will not be entitled to any refund of any monies paid which will include your deposit payment.

Book your stand

A company, which has not paid for its stand will not be allowed to set up their stand.

See us on
stand M14, 16