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Are you keeping up with traditions?

The way we celebrate Christmas continues to evolve each year with new fashions and trends emerging. This is a great opportunity for retailers to jump on board and ensure they have the offerings that customers will be searching the high street for.

Whilst the Advent Calendar is still a must-have in most households – recently, Elves have joined the fun, keeping track ofChristmas Traditions children’s behaviour and reporting to Santa if they are naughty or nice. Kirsty Allsopp has spread her influence, with families DIYing skills creating everything from cards, wreaths and decorations to homemade gifts – retailers don’t need to miss out, simply ensure you have the craft kits instore to help them get cracking. Many children also get to choose their own Christmas tree bauble or decoration to bring out each year – another opportunity for retailers to ensure they have something special to choose from instore.

Charles TaylorTo find out what will be trending for Christmas 2020, be sure to register for FREE entry to Harrogate Christmas & Gift today.

Bigger is better

Charles Taylor will be showcasing its ‘Super, Oversize Promotion Bench’ for the first time at Harrogate; a real eye catcher guaranteed to grab attention both at the show and instore and enhances Charles Taylor as the biggest bench manufacturer in the UK. Richard Ball, director said: “We unveiled the bench in the autumn as a promotion on our stand, however it was such a success that we sold twenty in the first day!”
Visit Charles Taylor on Stand Q2

PolarXGetting Personal

The ‘Personalise Your Own’ Programme from PolarX is the perfect solution for companies looking to capitalise on the increasingly profitable personalised gift industry, without incurring additional labour costs required to personalise decorations at the retail level. PolarX has lots of spinner stand packages available – both floor and countertop versions. This programme is ideal for retailers looking to add high margin items to their existing programmes.
Visit PolarX Ornament & Gift on Stand B13

Alternative offering

Sass & BelleSasse & Belle’s promise is to provide lovable, trend-led designs nurtured by its fabulous team in London. This season the company has over 500 festive products to choose from with a mix of old favourites and bestsellers, alongside new creations. Having noticed the huge increase in alternative Christmas decorations over the last few years, the company has created some wonderful new collections to capture the charm of Sass & Belle.
Visit Sass & Belle on Stand C10

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