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The main event

With the Black Friday weekend behind us and Christmas just three weeks away, retailers can now set their minds firmly on the main event. If rumours are correct, grottos around the country are pretty much booked up withMain Event people desperately trying to find available slots for their children to meet Santa before the big day. Let’s hope that these family outings prove fruitful for one and all – and that outlets have planned and stocked up well ahead with lots of goodies to tempt everyone who comes seeking some festive experiences.

If you have a Christmas store, don’t forget to check out what Harrogate Christmas & Gift has to offer for next year – this is the place to see all the exciting new launches for the festive season – and every celebratory occasion throughout the year.

Register to visit online at www.harrogatefair.com

Have you gathered your ducks in a row?

The Original Wooden Duck Company presents everything you need in a duck - hand-carved from sustainable dcukbamboo root and brush-painted one-by-one, with every character glowing with personality.

Authentic DCUK Ducks and Feathered Friends can now be recognised by the DCUK Pin – a badge of honour finished in antique gold that represents the Original Wood Duck Company’s core values of charm, quality and imagination. For the Ducklings, a cosy Christmas means entering whole-heartedly into the festive spirit. Decked out in jolly jumpers, hats and scarves featuring Rudolph, Santa and a splendid Christmas pudding, the Ducklings are all ready to put up their webbed feet and enjoy some Christmas quackers. These immaculately detailed miniatures can decorate trees, chimneys and special gifts, helping humans to feather their own nests this festive season.
Visit DCUK on Stand C17

Santa Paw’s is coming

The Scruffs® Santa Paws Collection is the ideal gift set for any dog owner. Featuring four popular products, a mattress, soft-walled bed, snuggly blanket and a reindeer toy.Scruffs

The Santa Paws Collection is designed using a faux-fur top cover, combined with a cosy knitted fairisle pattern. Both the mattress and soft-walled bed are filled with recycled PET fibre to ensure good cushioning and insulation characteristics.
Visit Scruffs on Stand Q20


Cuteness overload

Smart Garden is delighted to be extending its Three Kings range of Festive Lighting and Décor with a stunningSmart Garden Products array of Illuminated Statuettes, glorious Gonks, mesmerising Meteor lights and a wide selection of Festive Folk – all designed to bring a smile to you and your customers’ faces and keep those tills ringing all the way to Christmas.

We’re confident that you’ll be dazzled by our Smart Festive Treats and based on sales achieved by our customers in 2019, we advise you to stock up fast!
Visit Smart Garden Products on Stand Q1

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